Before & After

  • Before-LENA
    Before LENA After


Tear trough (tired eyes), chin, sad mouth corners, jawline, lips.

  • Before-SOFIA
    Before SOFIA After


Nose-to-mouth lines, lips, tear trough (tired eyes).

  • Before-MARINA
    Before MARINA After


Sad mouth corners, jawline, nose-to-mouth lines.

  • Before-ROLAND
    Before ROLAND After


Tear trough (tired eyes), cheeks.

  • Before-PIA
    Before PIA After


Cheeks, tear trough (tired eyes), facial skinboosters treatment.

  • Before-LINA
    Before LINA After


Skinboosters treatment, acne scars.


Rachel Thompson

”It is amazing that something so
little can make such a massive
difference to your life.”

Windsor-born Rachel Thompson knew she wanted to be a journalist from an early age. Always good at writing and passionate about her job, she now writes for numerous lifestyle magazines and looks after a number of clients in London where she now lives. This mother of two lives a hectic life performing interviews, looking after a team of people and attending a lot of events, especially in the evenings.

– I love my job and my life. But as my 40th birthday was approaching my confidence was flagging. I wanted to keep the celebrations low key, but it didn’t work. With a lot of friends and family who wanted to take part it all snowballed out of control and I ended up with three different parties. I felt a lot of pressure. Part of it was because I didn’t feel good about myself. I did not look as good as I knew I had done. The knock-on effect was that I could not achieve my full potential in any area of my life. And I was not going to accept that.

– Around that time I was researching for an article about non-invasive products so my interest in this sort of treatment was already sparked. And then I got in contact with a well-respected practitioner in London who recommended that I tried Restylane® Vital.

– Initially I was nervous about having any aesthetic work done, partly because I did not know if it was safe and partly because I was concerned that any enhancement would show. In the press you see a lot of celebrities who have had treatments who just don’t look natural in any way, shape or form. But after the first consultation with my practitioner I felt completely at ease.

– We decided that I would have treatments around the eyes and the cheeks and it instantly gave a fresher, brighter and more moisturized look. I was also recommended to have Restylane Vital in the lip area. I must admit that I was a bit concerned about the outcome. But after the work was done I was overjoyed. Since then my lips have felt great, I don’t even have to use any kind of products on them.

– Restylane Vital has made a huge difference in my life. I do feel more confident now and for me confidence and happiness walk hand in hand. It is important to have one to get the other. I can walk into a room full of people and take over and control an interview without any problem, something that is not possible if I am not on top of my game. And when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I am happy with what I see. It is amazing that something so little can make such a massive difference to your life.


Rachel Thompson41 London, England
Larissa Keown

”I wanted to be absolutely
sure that what was put in
my body was safe.”

Larissa Keown moved from New Zealand to London when she felt her home country had become too small. She wanted to develop professionally but only planned to stay for three to four years. 15 years later she is still there, engaged and with a successful career.

– I am a very ambitious person and when I came to London I was keen to be part of different projects and quickly proved myself. I am good at what I do, I work hard and I am determined. That drive has made Larissa a senior partner in the financial company where she is currently working. But it has not been an easy ride all the way. Seven years ago Larissa’s skin was in very bad condition due to health problems.

– I take a lot of pride in how I look and I have always taken good care of myself. Suddenly my skin was in a mess. I contacted a clinic here in London and the practitioner put me on a skincare regime that helped balance what I had lost. And she introduced me to Restylane ® Vital.

– At first I worried about safety. And I was concerned about how it would look. There had been a lot of press coverage of treatments turning out less than natural. It’s important for me to have good skin, but equally I don’t want it to look overdone. I wanted something that could enhance rather than change the way I look. And I wanted to be absolutely sure that what was put in my body was safe. After a lot of research I choose Restylane Vital. It has an extensive history, it is well known and abides by the strictest medical rules.

– I could not have imagined that the result would be so fantastic. I got my skin back! It looks a lot more youthful now and really feels fresh and glowing.

– The treatment was very quick, it is a straightforward and easy process. It was not nearly as painful as going to the dentist, and that really surprised me.

– I am absolutely delighted with Restylane Vital. It is very natural, people look at me and see a difference but they don’t quite understand what I have done.

– Restylane Vital is certainly a treatment that I will continue with, and I recommend it to anybody, man or woman, because it is safe, fast, the outcome is very natural and it helps reclaim some aspects of your skin or your face that you feel you might have lost.


Larissa Keown42 London, England