A Custom tailored treatment designed just for you

Aging, as well as lifestyle, make the skin lose its elasticity and suppleness, and affect the natural symmetry and balance of the face. Little do we know that the simple actions in life such as laughing, talking and frowning require repeated muscle movements that with time contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. We feel that our appearances no longer reflect who we really are. Our true selves.

That is why we created the Galderma Harmony Program. It is an affordable and structured way to recreate the balance between your facial features, and to make your outside reflect how you feel on the inside. The program is developed by you and your physician together, and is designed according to your unique wants and needs. It is a personalized treatment plan that uses the latest techniques and scientifically proven products to allow you to look the way you feel.

Your physician will do a thorough analysis to find the optimal treatment just for you. He or she will assess your unique skin condition and facial features, as well as your personal motives and aspirations. Together with your physician you set a plan that will enhance your natural looks in a subtle but impactful way, within your budget.

Even Small changes can make a big difference

A lot has happened within aesthetic treatments since the launch of the first hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane®, in the late nineties. The focus is no longer on injecting large volumes and targeting specific wrinkles. On the contrary, the latest techniques take a more holistic view on the face as a whole, and aim to restore or enhance facial features in order to create balanced and naturally beautiful looks. It is a more modern approach to aesthetic procedures. There is also a lot more to choose from today in terms of treatments, and it is often a combination of products – muscle relaxants, fillers and skinboosters – that can give the best results. Galderma has the broadest productportfolio on the market with a wide range of different treatment alternatives.

In order for your physician to be able to customize the treatment program for your unique profile, the physician needs to understand your objectives and expectations. Therefore, the Harmony Program starts with a personal questionnaire for you to fill out before the consultation.The questionnaire will help to evaluate your motives and expectations based upon the answers you provide.