James & Tom

James and Tom 37 are both musicians. They enjoy playing football, cooking and listening to music in their spare time. Both of them enjoy writing music and have proudly written over 50 songs together.

Before Treatment

“I admit I was a little nervous but was hoping the treatment would make me look younger.” – James

Treatment Plan

James underwent a treatment with Restylane fillers to his face, including the jawline and under eye area, to restore youthful volume.


After Treatment

“All my friends are now considering having treatments done after seeing how natural and easy the whole process was for me. During the treatment, I was surprised at how quickly I could get on with my normal life – I could just carry on as normal and didn’t have to take extra any time out of work. I definitely look and feel younger, which has made me feel more confident.” – James

“I used to think aesthetic treatments were for celebrities and older ladies wanting to look more youthful. However, during James’ treatments, I was surprised at how amazing he looked straight away.” – Tom