Sandra & Diana

Sandra is an events organiser and owns a pet care company. She is also a mother of two children. Her twin, Diana, works as a parent support group facilitator and has three children. They are 46 years old.

Before Treatment

“I hoped they would make me look younger with a more radiant complexion. I had never considered aesthetic treatments before but I was excited and looked forward to the results.” – Sandra

Treatment Plan

Sandra received a course of three Restylane Skinboosters treatments to improve skin hydration and skin quality of her face, and Restylane fillers to restore volume and soften her facial lines.


After Treatment

“I was surprised at how much younger and fresh-faced I looked. My skin feels smoother now and my complexion is better. Everyone around me keeps saying I look really healthy and my son thinks I look so much happier.” – Sandra

“I was excited to see the results as Sandra has always wanted to look younger. I have always felt that aesthetic treatments are a good thing. After all, if you feel better on the outside you feel better within as well.” – Diana