Yoon Seo & Hyun Ju

Yoon Seo is a clothing designer and her sister Hyun Ju is a web designer. Both live in South Korea and are 34 years old.

Before Treatment

“I was quite nervous before starting the treatments so the doctor was very reassuring and he frequently asked how I was doing.” – Yoon Seo

Treatment Plan

Yoon Seo received Restylane Skinboosters to improve her skin quality and Restylane fillers treatments to shape her facial contours of the mid-cheek area.


After Treatment

“I was very satisfied with the treatment, particularly the cheeks. I believe I look younger and healthier than ever.” – Yoon Seo

“I was very happy for my sister that the results looked so good and natural. I can’t wait to have the treatments myself.” – Hyun Ju